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[13 Nov 2008|10:32am]

You know that feeling when you feel like a total loser...

And you think you should go to college..

But you're already making great money and why spend money if you don't have anything your motivated to do yet?

Feel like a jack of all trades but master of none?

I'm there.

All I do clean, make love, work and workout.

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Sexy, Delightly Redneck. Yet, Unredifined. [03 Nov 2008|10:54pm]

About the pumpkin.. I just couldn't help it.
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The Gift Shop [30 Oct 2008|10:23am]
[ mood | naughty ]

I'm here at the Historical Society of the Palm Beaches. Too bad I can never leave. I can, but I've seemed to of misplaced my balls. My hours are just about up and I want to stop volunteering at least at the gift shop. I want to stay maybe once every two weeks to do something the the archives department. No harm in a little hobby, which brings me to my next subject:

You can't get me off that thing. Needless to say I'm loving my classes! Total boost of my sexual confidance, great workout, and it's fun as hell! Oh, and Vaidas likes it too. Tonight I'm going to put some music on, strap on my stilettos and have a ball.

Anyway, everything else is going okay, this year just flew  by. I can't believe is football season again let alone the holiday season. Which is great because this year sucked money and workwise, and the holidays are fun. Even the cold air, I'm loving it. In a couple hours I'm going too get a pumpkin with Vaidas, carve it up and toast some pumpkin seeds for a little snack later when I'm dancing up a strom.

And I think that's the end..

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[05 Oct 2008|12:36am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Ah, what a lovely saturday night.
closed the restaurant an hour early but still made the big bucks.. well sort of.
It's better that you think I'd make. Anyway, the economy sucks asshole, elections are coming up and you better bet I'm not voting for any republican.
Guess how much more the restaurant  sucks?
The schedule changed to Monday and Tuesday mornings of boyfriend-girlfriend time together, not to forget that hour and a half on Thursday afternoons.
Here's the puncher: The owner cut all the manager's pay IN HALF.
I'm not going to tell you how much that is, let's just say you're most likely making more without the manager title.

I'm doing fine moneywise, I am really really good looking you know.
I did my first P.R. party for the HIstorical Society and got PAID for it. Good money too.
The Historical Society is the place I do my volunteer hours, I got asked to work in a promontional party.
Historical Society is one of those non-profit organizations that thrive off of donations by all the extremely rich people of Palm Beach County. And what do they get for donating so much money? Free cocktail parties!
I got to wear my nice clothes, help set up, greet people, some cleaning up, and served wine by the hired bartenders all during my five hour shift. Got paid about the same if not more than if I were waiting.
I just goes to show you, no matter how much your boss says there are no jobs out there, there is always someone who will pay you more for what you do.

Even more good news is I'm starting pole dancing classes on the 14th! Not that I haven't put it to good use. I just cant have Brooke Hogan do things I can't do on it. And in case you were wondering about that pole of mine here's a dining room view of it:

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[11 Jul 2008|01:18am]
I just ordered a removable stripper pole from 
I can't even explain the excitement.
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Don't worry.. About a Thing.. [01 Jun 2008|01:12am]
[ mood | content ]

 Ah. First day of the month. Ding Dong. Rent is Due. Probation payment is due. 
Living the dream.
So I'm concerned about Vaidas as manager. First off, I barley see him. He's working 12-14 hour days, 5 days a week.. Not so bad, but the money isn't adding up. He's still having trouble keeping up with the bills. He's upset to tears about it all the time. I hate to see him like this, he feels like everyone is out to get him, and making his life more miserable. He's there right now at the turtle waiting for the hoods to be cleaned, probably until 2-3am. Then he's got to open at 8am tommarrow morning and work another 12-14 hours. 
As long as we get through in one piece tomarrow we'll be fine. I'm there day too. Then Monday, I'll be up early seeing my new probation officar.. working out and getting all dolled up to go to early bird dinner, shopping and seeing sex and the city. I can't wait. I'm 21 on tuesday!

I'm quite interested in seeing how my new probation officer is like. My last one didn't really care to see me.. which was good and bad in different ways. I'd sit for 5 minutes in a waiting room with overweight black people that have been there for hours.. have my officar come out and tell me she didn't need to see me, she just needed my blue form and tell me to go. That was the good part about it. The bad part is I didn't get much imformation about what going on probation really means and how and where to pay and on time. She was suppose to drug and alcohol test me too. Not because my case had anything to do with drugs or alcohol, but because everyone on probation is required to testing. That doesn't bother me any because I don't do any drugs.. I drink but I have no idea how detective any sort of device is on alcohol unless you were drinking at the time. What bothers me is, if they do decide to test me, I'd have to pay for it. Fucking, gas is $4 a gallon these days, I don't need to pay another $30-$40 dollars on a drug test on top of my already expensive monthly payment. Thank god my lawyer took care of my fine and court costs, otherwise I'd be really upset. 
Speaking of money, I will be getting a great lump sum along with my already great tax returns. 
That's something to look forward to.
I think that's about all that's on my chest for the week. If only could work properly for me I will be tickled with joy to see my  bank statement before I jump in the shower. Normally I wouldn't worry as much.. but these days aren't as safe as they used to be.

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[25 May 2008|12:38am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

 Well I'm back on the internet yet again. 
Realized that alot people I know personally don't consider my a friend anymore and I'm okay with that.
I know who my real friends are. 
Moved to Mirasol. Painted, furnished, put shelfs up, put pictures up(real framed shit this time), have alot of real and fake plants around.
I should be showcased in home and garden.
Anyway, I'm very happy where I am in life now. 
Vaidas became manager, which is weird because cardinal rule in any workplace is that managers and emploees don't date.
That was the case when the owner first brought up the idea to him.. shit hit the fan.. I wasn't spoken to by the owner for a month.
But he's not about to fire one of his top servers..
Vaidas came back to work.. started building his rank and all of a sudden the owner fell in love with the fact that we were dating.
The only problem now is some people are keeping a close eye as to how everything works and getting on his case about trying to change my schedule so we can see each other more often. 
It's none of our faults that he became manager.. thats what the owner wanted in the first place, and he knew we were dating.
We are professional, and he'd do the same thing even if he wasn't manager.
Not much else is knew in my life. 
All I do is clean, get laid, work and workout.
My 21st birthday is in about a week or so. 

Right now I'm looking forward to monday which is a day off for both of us. 
We go to Brio, possibly catch a movie or three, and I want to go shopping. 
I'm dying to go out but I'm not about to risk it this weekend being that it is Memorial Day weekend and everybody just got out of school.
I keep thinking I should wait until my birthday.. but it's not like that ever stopped me.

And the home stretch. 
Don't all get up once now..
But if anyone knows anywhere where they need volunteer work, let me know.
Good Night.

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You either stand or you fall [21 Jun 2007|08:10pm]
[ mood | tipsy ]

Burning my first cd on my new computer YAY! 

Besides that. I'm happy to reconnect to some old friends. I've distanced myself for about a year. I didn't realize how important friends are to me. Speaking of friends. I'll be in a plane at 7am Saturday to Boston to see my girl Megan. I'm going by myself because things have gotten hectic and I want some time with my girl and myself. I'm as scared as I am excited. 
 I got my nails done, got myself a tan, my bags are packed because I have to work tomarrow night and I probley won't have time. Anyway.. I'm a little tipsy so I'm going to go smoke a cig and burn another cd.

ps. I cleaned my house too.

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I like rusty spoons. [14 Jun 2007|02:01pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

What a lovely day off for me. My only day off this week. I'm so tired and I have to clean my house... bleh. Maybe I will lay out by my pool if the sun will stay out for longer than two minutes at a time.

I don't mind working so much because it's summer and it's slower at the restaurant and I'm going to boston on the 23rd to see my girl Megan. I'm still worried about leaving my better half and my life here for 5 days. But whatever. I need a vacation. Things have gotton hectic, I've broken down and cried at work and home three days in a row. Part is for my dad who's been in and out of the hospital and the other is for pent up stress. I just found out about my old friend David Brown just od'ed on monday.

After my vacation I'm going to try to get some shit back together and register for fall classes. I know people I work with go to school as well. I was talking to this guy about it.. and he's like well it's something to look into.. "What do you do during the day? Nothing?" I don't do much during the day because I work long hours into the night and I'm not someone who goes straight to bed when I get home. Besides when I wake up I maintain a home, exercise.. and sometimes I feel like I never have time to eat. Plus I work a lot more than he does. I'm always up to pick up shifts and I can go without taking a day off for over 7 days.. because I'm hungry. Hungry for money. Money I'm not sure I really want to invest in school.. or at least until after I buy a condo hopefully next year. I've been building up credit. I hope.

Anyway, I think I've typed all I that I wanted to get off my chest to feel good enough to get up of my ass and clean my bathroom and my floors and separate my dry cleaning. And then I going to feel so accomplished, I'm going to take a shower and dress up.. go to dinner with sam and mike at the turtle... and then go see hostel 2. How exciting.

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[07 Jun 2007|06:20pm]

Sooooo, I had a blast in miami. Anddddd, I got some cool pictures.
There's alot of them, and I want you all to know how tired and headachy installing picture programs, editing, uploading, and creating witty comments to go along with them it made me. But i am surprised how fast it took. It feels good to have a brand new state of the art computer with comcast high-speed internet.

Anyway, enough with that boring shit. CHECK OUT MY 2 DAY 1 NIGHT STAY IN MIAMI. (bitch)

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[05 Jun 2007|01:39pm]
ps. if anyone knows where to download free music. Hit me up. 

pss. i will also post pictures... i dunno. im not sure. maybe. i could be gay like that.

psss. i've still got to pee.
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stupid ho. [05 Jun 2007|01:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey you sexy bitches. I just got a new laptop for my birthday. Today I'm leaving my house dirty for at least two days because me and J.R. are going to miami for 2 days. chill on the beach... have dinner in little honduras... club hop and do it. 
Anyway, I'm so excited I'm going to piss myself. So I'm going to go do that and maybe clean the bathroom before I go to work. HA! I lied. I can't leave my house dirty for 2 days.

Do you love it?
I love it.

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[20 Sep 2005|12:23pm]
So yesterday, a man and a lady came in to Sierra Grille from the police department to talk to J.R. and I. The lady made it clear that she had many of these kind of cases that go directly to rape that aren't really rape.

I'm not sure what's going to happen since there is definately no case because of how long ago it happened. Anyway, I guess we'll contact Pedro and get this shit straightened out.

In other news, I've had a lot of PMS from my period so my dad bought me a 6 pack of corona. My dad is awsome. I'm off today so I'm going to go to Naughty but Nice to get these shoes I've had my eye on.
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Last night, [18 Sep 2005|07:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]

was miss Carrie Ann Case's 21st birthay.

The party started at my general manager Scott's house for shots of tequila and margarita mixing. We rode in style, black stretch limo with 20" rims. Turned up the nigga jamz as we headed south on 95. We started out with a cooler of beer, a giant bottle of magaritaville bronze tequila and two thermuses of maragita mix and tequila. Everything disappeared but the beer by the time we got to Fort Lauderdale to a club called Boca. These bitches can party. We were so fucking wasted dancing in the club haha.

So there I am dancing with Paco and everyone else from our group was dancing next to us. A big black bouncer dude takes me away and hands me to a black lady that took me up the stairs where the entrance is. I look up and see Paco literally get thrown out of the club like a piece of trash.. turn around see J.R. getting pulled out too. I'm thinking what the fuck? As I'm watching all this, the lady turns to me and asks if I'm with them. said yes and she let me go. Nobody really knows why we got thown out but hell we were in Lauderdale with a limo, there's tons of other clubs to go to on a saturday night.

I passed out in the limo with J.R. while the group went to Monkeyclub. Got back to Scott's house around 3am. Then got dropped off at J.R.'s to sleep. Woke up at 8:30 this morning to be taken home because he had to work. Came home slept for an hour then went to work at 10.

It was fun to party with everybody and come to work the next morning and see them all(hungover) again. Me and J.R. picked up some lobster bisque soup and went to his house to watch the tape of the party last night.

omg, it took me forever to type this post. Anyway, i have to shower, drink some coffee, and call danny about the job in stuart.

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big pimpin' spendin' cheese [15 Sep 2005|11:53pm]
How 'bout them apples?
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[15 Sep 2005|11:36pm]
Dear Chloe,
Rape: The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.
Abusive or improper treatment;.

I missed the part where it states: give the guy a hand-job and expect that he doesn't want anything else.

J.R. and I did our best to keep pedro any from you and not to make you feel uncomportable... the next thing I know, you're in bed with him. If I would have known you wanted to go home we would have left immediatly. We showed you the best hospitality possible. Pedro is like a brother to me and never intentionally tried anything on me.. and you know how I am. Me and you were okay after that.. but since you got caught drinking under a bridge, I guess you need something to blame you're immaturity on. I cant believe any of this has to be blamed on me after I've always been there for you and nicole.
I'd rather feel like I had nobody to be there for me than to be friends eith anybody that would do this to me like you. There has been bad times for me when I didnt rely on you guys because you weren't there for me to confide in you.

P.S. if i hear about cops or federal business in my life or my boyfriend's, i will give you a reason to feel like you've been raped.
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I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger but she ain't messin' with no broke niggers. [01 Sep 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Get down girl, go ahead get down.

The song is the bomb diggity.

The results are in. A trip to Northlake, then to the courthouse, then to Lake Worth, and on to 3 hours at the DMV.. I am now the barrer of hardship licence. I got a serving job at Sal's on the spot so from now on until November 27, 2005 I will be working my ass off. I got cut off from social security but not without an easy $960 by my side I'm going to treat myself to a badass sound system as my reward.

Everything's been running smoothly. It feels good to have a life again. I'm motivated to take a few classes in the Spring and invest in a bond in the near future. Hell, who knows.. I might even try the stock market.

Anyfuck, that's it for now.

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[14 Aug 2005|03:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Lately I've been finding myself in latin nightclubs on weekends. I'm dating a Honduran... that must be it. Anyway I present to you pictures on the way there or the ride back from Rumbass depending on how drunk we look.

Image hosted by

I'm a whitey girl in a brownie worldCollapse )

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[27 Jul 2005|12:19am]
another quiet night at home.
turns out mariella is moving to tampa... so i have to find another roommate.
good news is, im going tomarrow with my dad to get a record of my driving history to mosey on down to lake worth to get a hardship permit.
i seriously need to get a life again.
i feel bad because i was being such an ass to my dad as he was offering but i was just upset over people never calling or calling back and just having no one to talk to in general unless you include the nagging from my father literally everytime i step out of my room.
in a sense i dont feel alone because my manager paco hurt his knee, so he cant walk or drive or do anything.. he put in in a sense that he just wants to sit around and get fat.. and that totally reminded me of me.
in other news, i took up flossing and chain smoking to dull my bordem and natural stress relievers to calm me at night.
i feel so depressed right now, but it can only get better soon. i've learned my lesson and all i can hope for is to work as much as i can, straighten up my act and keep climbing that hill to reach my goals.

oh my god.. im insane.
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old pictures i never exposed.. [25 Jul 2005|09:05pm]
back in the day when i was young, im still a kid but who cares..Collapse )
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